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SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/16/2017
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Item 13. Certain Relationships and Related Transactions and Director Independence

Policies and Procedures for Related Person Transactions

Our board of directors has adopted a written Related Person Transaction Policy and Procedures, setting forth the policies and procedures for the review and approval or ratification of related person transactions.  This policy covers, with certain exceptions set forth in Item 404 of Regulation S-K, any transaction, arrangement or relationship, or any series of similar transactions, arrangements or relationships, in which we (including any of our subsidiaries) are, were or will be a participant, where the amount involved exceeds $120,000 in any fiscal year and a related person has, had or will have a direct or indirect material interest.  Our finance team is primarily responsible for developing and implementing procedures to obtain information regarding potential related person transactions and for determining whether a related person transaction requiring compliance with our policy exists. Our Chief Financial Officer then presents the related person transaction to our Audit Committee. In reviewing and approving any such transaction, our Audit Committee is tasked to consider all relevant facts and circumstances, including, but not limited to, whether the transaction is on terms comparable to those that could be obtained in an arm’s length transaction, the extent of the related person’s interest in the transaction and the conflicts of interest and corporate opportunity provisions under our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. No director may participate in approval of a related person transaction in which he or she is a related person. Our Audit Committee may also ratify related party transactions that were entered into by management because pre-approval was not feasible and transactions that were not initially recognized as related person transactions. If these transactions are not ratified, our management must make all reasonable efforts to cancel or annul such transactions. Our management must update our Audit Committee on material changes to any approved or ratified related person transaction and provide an annual status report on all then-current related person transactions.   The following are certain transactions, arrangements and relationships with our directors, executive officers and stockholders owning 5% or more of our outstanding Common Stock.

Transactions with Nestle Health Science

In January 2016 we entered into a Collaboration and License Agreement, or the License Agreement, with Nestec Ltd., or NHS, an affiliate of Nestlé Health Science US Holdings, Inc., which holds 17.1% of our Common Stock as of February 16, 2017, for the development and commercialization of certain of our product candidates in development for the treatment and management of C. difficile infection, or CDI, and inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The License Agreement supports the development of our portfolio of products for CDI and IBD in markets outside of the United States and Canada, or the Licensed Territory, and is expected to provide substantial financial support for our ongoing worldwide research and development. We have retained full commercial rights to our entire portfolio of product candidates with respect to the United States and Canada, where we plan to build our own commercial organization.  

Under the License Agreement, we granted to NHS an exclusive, royalty-bearing license to develop and commercialize, in the Licensed Territory, certain products based on our microbiome technology that are being developed for the treatment of CDI and IBD, including SER-109, SER-262, SER-287 and SER-301, or the NHS Collaboration Products. Upon mutual agreement, one or more other products based on our microbiome technology for CDI or IBD may be added to the License Agreement in lieu of or in addition to the then-existing NHS Collaboration Products. NHS’ exclusive license in the Licensed Territory to develop and commercialize NHS Collaboration Products extends to any indications for which the parties agree to develop such products. We also granted to NHS a non-exclusive license to export, develop and make NHS Collaboration Products in the licensed fields worldwide solely for commercialization in the licensed fields and in the Licensed Territory. Additionally, the rights to develop and commercialize a given Collaboration Product in certain non-EU countries within the Licensed Territory may revert to us if NHS either elects not to pursue commercialization of such NHS Collaboration Product in such country, or fails to meet certain agreed upon milestones for commercialization of such NHS Collaboration Product in such country. If the licensed rights in any country revert to us in this way, then we would pay to NHS a royalty in the mid-single digits on net sales of such Collaboration Product in such country.

The License Agreement sets forth our and NHS’ respective obligations for development, commercialization, regulatory and manufacturing and supply activities for the NHS Collaboration Products with respect to the licensed fields and the Licensed Territory. Under the License Agreement, our and NHS’ development activities will be governed by global and regional development plans, including the conduct of additional clinical studies. We agreed to manufacture and supply NHS Collaboration Products to support development and commercialization of NHS Collaboration Products in the licensed fields and in the Licensed Territory. We also agreed to use diligent efforts to develop NHS Collaboration Products under a global development plan and to obtain approval for such NHS Collaboration Products in the European Union.

In exchange for the license, NHS paid us an upfront cash payment of $120 million in February 2016. NHS has also agreed to pay us tiered royalties, at percentages ranging from the high single digits to high teens, of net sales of NHS Collaboration Products in the Licensed Territory. Additionally, NHS has agreed to pay us up to $660 million for the achievement of certain development and regulatory milestones and up to an aggregate of $1.125 billion for the achievement of certain commercial milestones related to the sales of NHS Collaboration Products. We received a $10 million milestone payment in 2016 associated with the initiation of our Phase 1b study for SER-262 in CDI.


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