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SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-3 on 03/16/2017
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Section 3. Nominations of Directors. Nominations for election to the board of directors may be made by the board of directors or by any stockholder of any outstanding class of capital stock of the association entitled to vote for the election of directors. Nominations, other than those made by or on behalf of the existing management of the association, shall be made in writing and shall be delivered or mailed to the president of the association and the Comptroller of the Currency, Washington, D.C., not less than 14 days nor more than 50 days prior to any meeting of shareholders called for the election of directors; provided, however, that if less than 21 days’ notice of the meeting is given to shareholders, such nomination shall be mailed or delivered to the president of the association not later than the close of business on the seventh day following the day on which the notice of meeting was mailed. Such notification shall contain the following information to the extent known to the notifying shareholder:


  (1) The name and address of each proposed nominee;


  (2) The principal occupation of each proposed nominee;


  (3) The total number of shares of capital stock of the association that will be voted for each proposed nominee;


  (4) The name and residence of the notifying shareholder; and


  (5) The number of shares of capital stock of the association owned by the notifying shareholder.

Nominations not made in accordance herewith may, in his/her discretion, be disregarded by the chairperson of the meeting, and upon his/her instructions, the vote tellers may disregard all votes cast for each such nominee.

Section 4. Proxies. Shareholders may vote at any meeting of the shareholders by proxies duly authorized in writing, but no officer or employee of this association shall act as proxy. Proxies shall be valid only for one meeting, to be specified therein, and any adjournments of such meeting. Proxies shall be dated and filed with the records of the meeting. Proxies with facsimile signatures may be used and unexecuted proxies may be counted upon receipt of a written confirmation from the shareholder. Proxies meeting the above requirements submitted at any time during a meeting shall be accepted.

Section 5. Quorum. A majority of the outstanding capital stock, represented in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of shareholders, unless otherwise provided by law, or by the shareholders or directors pursuant to Article IX, Section 2, but less than a quorum may adjourn any meeting, from time to time, and the meeting may be held, as adjourned, without further notice. A majority of the votes cast shall decide every question or matter submitted to the shareholders at any meeting, unless otherwise provided by law or by the articles of association, or by the shareholders or directors pursuant to Article IX, Section 2. If a meeting for the election of directors is not held on the fixed date, at least 10 days’ notice must be given by first-class mail to the shareholders.

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