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SEC Filings

SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/08/2018
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business and affairs of the Company (which shall include service to its affiliates, if applicable) and shall not engage in outside business activities (including serving on outside boards or committees) without the consent of the Board (as defined below), provided that Executive shall be permitted to (i) manage Executive’s personal, financial and legal affairs, (ii) participate in trade associations, and (iii) serve on the board of directors of not-for-profit or tax-exempt charitable organizations, in each case, subject to compliance with this Agreement and provided that such activities do not materially interfere with Executive’s performance of Executive’s duties and responsibilities hereunder.  Executive agrees to observe and comply with the rules and policies of the Company as adopted by the Company from time to time, in each case as amended from time to time, as set forth in writing, and as delivered or made available to Executive (each, a “Policy”).

2.Compensation and Related Matters.

(a)Annual Base Salary.  During the Term, Executive shall receive a base salary at a rate of $430,000 per annum, which shall be paid in accordance with the customary payroll practices of the Company and shall be pro-rated for partial years of employment.  Such annual base salary shall be reviewed (and may be adjusted) from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Company or an authorized committee of the Board (in either case, the “Board”) (such annual base salary, as it may be adjusted from time to time, the “Annual Base Salary”).

(b)Bonus.  During the Term, Executive will be eligible to participate in an annual incentive program established by the Board.  Executive’s annual incentive compensation under such incentive program (the “Annual Bonus”) shall be targeted at 40% of Executive’s Annual Base Salary.  The Annual Bonus payable under the incentive program shall be based on the achievement of performance goals to be determined by the Board.  The payment of any Annual Bonus pursuant to the incentive program shall be subject to Executive’s continued employment with the Company through the date of payment, except as otherwise provided in Section 4(b).

(c)Benefits.  During the Term, Executive shall be eligible to participate in employee benefit plans, programs and arrangements of the Company (including medical, dental and 401(k) plans), consistent with the terms thereof and as such plans, programs and arrangements may be amended from time to time.  In no event shall Executive be eligible to participate in any severance plan or program of the Company, except as set forth in Section 4 of this Agreement.

(d)Vacation.  During the Term, Executive shall be entitled to paid personal leave in accordance with the Company’s Policies.  Any vacation shall be taken at the reasonable and mutual convenience of the Company and Executive.

(e)Business Expenses.  During the Term, the Company shall reimburse Executive for all reasonable travel and other business expenses incurred by Executive in the performance of Executive’s duties to the Company in accordance with the Company’s expense reimbursement Policy.

(f)Key Person Insurance.  At any time during the Term, the Company shall have the right to insure the life of Executive for the Company’s sole benefit.  The Company shall have the right to determine the amount of insurance and the type of policy.  Executive shall reasonably


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