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SEC Filings

SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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Milestone Payments

At the inception of each arrangement that includes developmental and regulatory milestone payments, the Company evaluates whether the achievement of each milestone specifically relates to the Company’s efforts to satisfy a performance obligation or transfer a distinct good or service within a performance obligation. If the achievement of a milestone is considered a direct result of the Company’s efforts to satisfy a performance obligation or transfer a distinct good or service and the receipt of the payment is based upon the achievement of the milestone, the associated milestone value is allocated to that distinct good or service, otherwise it will be allocated to all performance obligations of the arrangement based on the initial allocation.

The Company evaluates each milestone to determine when and how much of the milestone to include in the transaction price. The Company first estimates the amount of the milestone payment that the Company could receive using either the expected value or the most likely amount approach. The Company primarily uses the most likely amount approach as that approach is generally most predictive for milestone payments with a binary outcome. Then, the Company considers whether any portion of that estimated amount is subject to the variable consideration constraint (that is, whether it is probable that a significant reversal of cumulative revenue would not occur upon resolution of the uncertainty). The Company updates the estimate of variable consideration included in the transaction price at each reporting date which includes updating the assessment of the likely amount of consideration and the application of the constraint to reflect current facts and circumstances.


For arrangements that include sales-based royalties, including milestone payments based on the level of sales, and the license is deemed to be the predominant item to which the royalties relate, the Company will recognize revenue at the later of (i) when the related sales occur, or (ii) when the performance obligation to which some or all of the royalty has been allocated has been satisfied (or partially satisfied). To date, the Company has not recognized any revenue related to sales-based royalties or milestone payments based on the level of sales.

Manufacturing supply services

For arrangements that include a promise of supply of clinical or commercial product, the Company determines if the supply is a promise in the contract or a future obligation at the customer’s option. If determined to be a promise at inception of the contract, the Company evaluates the promise to determine whether it is a separate performance obligation or a component of a bundled performance obligation. If determined to be an option, the Company determines if the option provides a material right to the customer and if so, accounts for the option as a separate performance obligation. If determined to be an option but not a material right, the Company accounts for the option as a separate contract when the customer elects to exercise the option.

Grant Revenue


The Company generates revenue from government contracts that reimburse the Company for certain allowable costs for funded projects. For contracts with government agencies, when the Company has concluded that it is the principal in conducting the research and development expenses and where the funding arrangement is considered central to the Company’s ongoing operations, the Company classifies the recognized funding received as revenue.


The Company has concluded to recognize funding received as revenue, rather than as a reduction of research and development expenses, because the Company is the principal in conducting the research and development activities and these contracts are central to its ongoing operations. Revenue is recognized as the qualifying expenses related to the contracts are incurred. Revenue recognized upon incurring qualifying expenses in advance of receipt of funding is recorded in the Company’s consolidated balance sheet as prepaid expenses and other current assets. The related costs incurred by the Company are included in research and development expense in the Company’s consolidated statements of operations and comprehensive loss.


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