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SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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We have developed supply chains for producing and testing materials to ensure the availability of future clinical trial supplies. Our development processes are designed to ensure that the raw materials, process technologies and analytical tests we use are scalable and transferable to a cGMP manufacturing environment. These include the following core elements:


Fermentation. We are using microscale screening to optimize culture of the bacterial strains of interest in our current and foreseeable product candidates. These screens are designed to identify the fermentation platform that is best-suited for optimization and scale-up of the strains. Small-scale fermentation systems (0.1 L to 50 L) enable the optimization of a wide variety of culture conditions and have been demonstrated to be scalable to larger fermentation processes and enable technology transfer to clinical and final manufacturing sites. We employ platform fermentation processes as starting points for cGMP production processes and develop strain specific processes as required. To develop master cell banks, working cell banks, and bulk drug substance for commercial product, we are using bacterial strains originating from a unique research cell bank precursor, so we expect the research cell banks and final drug product should be genetically and physiologically similar.


Purification. Similar to fermentation, we believe small-scale purification operations are available for assessing large-scale cGMP manufacturing of live cells, and to quickly assess downstream process yield, quality and robustness.  For our oral products, purification is typically less complex than for parenteral biologics such as monoclonal antibodies that must purify away very similar components from the culturing process.  Separation of viable microbes from soluble fermentation broth components is typically much simpler.


Formulation. Our Ecobiotic microbiome therapeutic candidates are combinations of live bacteria and can be administered by a number of methods and by different routes. The primary goal in developing a formulation is to deliver live bacteria to the intended location in a condition where they are able to replicate and correct dysbiosis. Formulation development generally uses approved excipients and preservatives, and will include screening of liquid, solid, and suspension formulations to maximize the opportunity for extended stability with minimal cold-chain requirements.  Dosage forms for oral products may be capsules, tablets, sachets, or liquid containers.


Analytical. We are addressing quality control requirements for our Ecobiotic microbiome therapeutic candidates using proprietary microbiological, chemical, biochemical, and molecular sequence-based testing schemes. We have available and are further developing quality control and in-process analytical tools that can quantitatively measure the composition of spore, vegetative microbe and spore/vegetative combinations, which we believe enable a wide variety of drug products to be manufactured. Throughout the bioprocess and formulation development platform we use and will expand on high- throughput quantitative analytics to assess the identity, potency and purity of the final product.

We currently have two internal manufacturing facilities; a small-scale 7,000 ft2 unit at our Kendall Square location in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where we conduct cGMP manufacture of Ecobiotic therapeutic candidates to support drug substance and drug product for early phase and small-scale clinical supplies, and a larger 10,000 ft2 cGMP manufacturing facility at our headquarters, with the ability to perform both drug substance and drug product manufacturing for early and late-phase clinical development and at larger scales of operation. We may establish further manufacturing facilities that will serve late-phase clinical and commercial supply for our product candidates. We may do this by expanding our current facilities, or by purchasing or building additional facilities. We also use contract manufacturing and testing organizations to supplement our internal capacity.

Material Agreements

In January 2016, we entered into the Collaboration and License Agreement, or the License Agreement, with NHS, an affiliate of Nestlé Health Science US Holdings, Inc., a significant stockholder of ours, for the development and commercialization of certain product candidates in development for the treatment and management of CDI and IBD, including UC and Crohn’s disease. The License Agreement will support the development of our portfolio of products for CDI and IBD in markets outside of the United States and Canada, or the Licensed Territory. We have retained full commercial rights to our entire portfolio of product candidates with respect to the United States and Canada.

Under the License Agreement, we granted to NHS an exclusive, royalty-bearing license to develop and commercialize, in the Licensed Territory, certain products based on our microbiome technology that are being developed for the treatment of CDI and IBD, including SER-109, SER-262, SER-287 and SER-301, or collectively, the NHS Collaboration Products. The License Agreement sets forth our and NHS’ respective obligations for development, commercialization, regulatory and manufacturing and supply activities for the NHS Collaboration Products with respect to the licensed fields and the Licensed Territory.

In exchange for the license, NHS made an upfront cash payment to us of $120.0 million. NHS also agreed to pay us tiered royalties, at percentages ranging from the high single digits to high teens, of net sales of NHS Collaboration Products in the Licensed Territory. Under the License Agreement we are eligible to receive up to $285.0 million in development milestone payments, $375.0 million in regulatory payments and up to an aggregate of $1,125.0 million for the achievement of certain commercial milestones related to the sales of NHS Collaboration Products.


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