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SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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Risks Related to the Discovery, Development and Regulatory Approval of Our Product Candidates

Other than SER-109, we are early in our development efforts and may not be successful in our efforts to use our microbiome therapeutics platform to build a pipeline of product candidates and develop marketable drugs.

We are using our microbiome therapeutics platform to develop Ecobiotic microbiome therapeutics. We are at an early stage of development and our platform has not yet, and may never, lead to approvable or marketable drugs. We are developing additional product candidates that we intend to be used to prevent infection and treat diseases where the microbiome is implicated.  We may have problems applying our technologies to these areas, and our product candidates may not be effective in preventing infection and disease. Our product candidates may not be suitable for clinical development, including as a result of their harmful side effects, limited efficacy or other characteristics that indicate that they are unlikely to be products that will receive marketing approval and achieve market acceptance.

The success of our product candidates will depend on several factors, including the following:


completion of preclinical studies and clinical trials with positive results;


receipt of marketing approvals from applicable regulatory authorities;


obtaining and maintaining patent and trade secret protection and regulatory exclusivity for our product candidates;


making arrangements with third-party manufacturers for, or establishing our own, commercial manufacturing capabilities;


launching commercial sales of our products, if and when approved, whether alone or in collaboration with others;


entering into new collaborations throughout the development process as appropriate, from preclinical studies through to commercialization;


acceptance of our products, if and when approved, by patients, the medical community and third-party payors;


effectively competing with other therapies;


obtaining and maintaining coverage and adequate reimbursement by third-party payors, including government payors, for our products, if approved;


protecting our rights in our intellectual property portfolio;


operating without infringing or violating the valid and enforceable patents or other intellectual property of third parties;


maintaining a continued acceptable safety profile of our products following approval; and


maintaining and growing an organization of scientists and business people who can develop and commercialize our products and technology.

If we do not successfully develop and commercialize product candidates we will not be able to obtain product revenue in future periods, which likely would result in significant harm to our financial position and adversely affect our stock price.

Our product candidates are based on microbiome therapeutics, which is an unproven approach to therapeutic intervention.

All of our product candidates are based on microbiome therapeutics, a therapeutic approach that is designed to prevent infection and treat disease by restoring the function of a dysbiotic microbiome. We have not, nor to our knowledge has any other company, received regulatory approval for, or manufactured on a commercial scale, a therapeutic based on this approach. We cannot be certain that our approach will lead to the development of approvable or marketable products or that we will be able to manufacture at commercial scale, if approved. In addition, our Ecobiotic microbiome therapeutics may have different effectiveness rates in various indications and in different geographical areas. Finally, the FDA or other regulatory agencies may lack experience in evaluating the safety and efficacy of products based on microbiome therapeutics, which could result in a longer than expected regulatory review process, increase our expected development costs and delay or prevent commercialization of our product candidates.


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