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SEC Filings

SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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Research and Development Expenses

Research and development expenses consist primarily of costs incurred for our research activities, including our discovery efforts, and the development of our product candidates, which include:


expenses incurred under agreements with third parties, including contract research organizations, or CROs, that conduct research, preclinical activities and clinical trials on our behalf as well as contract manufacturing organizations that manufacture drug products for use in our preclinical and clinical trials;


salaries, benefits and other related costs, including stock-based compensation expense, for personnel in our research and development functions;


costs of outside consultants, including their fees, stock-based compensation and related travel expenses;


the cost of laboratory supplies and acquiring, developing and manufacturing preclinical study and clinical trial materials;


costs related to compliance with regulatory requirements; and


facility-related expenses, which include direct depreciation costs and allocated expenses for rent and maintenance of facilities and other operating costs.

We expense research and development costs as incurred. We recognize external development costs based on an evaluation of the progress to completion of specific tasks using information provided to us by our vendors and our clinical investigative sites. Payments for these activities are based on the terms of the individual agreements, which may differ from the pattern of costs incurred, and are reflected in our financial statements as prepaid or accrued research and development expenses. Costs incurred under our license agreement with NHS are included in the costs listed above.  All costs associated with the License Agreement are recorded in research and development expense in the consolidated statements of operations and comprehensive loss.

Our primary focus of research and development since inception has been on our microbiome therapeutics platform and the subsequent development of our programs. Our direct research and development expenses are tracked on a program-by-program basis and consist primarily of external costs, such as fees paid to investigators, consultants, CROs in connection with our preclinical studies and clinical trials, lab supplies and consumables, and regulatory fees. We do not allocate employee-related costs and other indirect costs to specific research and development programs because these costs are deployed across multiple product programs under development and, as such, are classified as costs of our microbiome therapeutics platform research, along with external costs directly related to our microbiome therapeutics platform.

The table below summarizes our research and development expenses incurred on our platform and by product development program for those that have begun clinical development.




Year Ended December 31,














(in thousands)


Microbiome therapeutics platform




















































Total research and development expenses














Research and development activities are central to our business model. Product candidates in later stages of clinical development generally have higher development costs than those in earlier stages of clinical development, primarily due to the increased size and duration of later-stage clinical trials. We expect that our research and development expenses will continue to increase in the foreseeable future as we advance the clinical development of SER-287, complete our ECOSPOR III Phase 3 clinical study of SER-109, continue to discover and develop additional product candidates, including SER-401, SER-155 and SER-301 and pursue later stages of clinical development of our product candidates.


Research and development expenses of $96.0 million for the year ended December 31, 2018 were comprised of $7.8 million in external services, $28.1 million in clinical and manufacturing costs, and $60.1 million in other costs.



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