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SERES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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has focused on identifying microbiome signatures associated with various disease states and early discovery efforts to identify Ecobiotic consortia that could impact specific functional defects in the microbiome.

We have assembled a world class group of scientists, clinicians, directors and investors, who have established our leadership in the field of microbiome therapeutics. We were co-founded by Drs. Noubar Afeyan, David Berry and Geoffrey von Maltzahn of Flagship Pioneering. Through Flagship Pioneering’s contribution of foundational scientific concepts and intellectual property, assembly of our management team and critical early-stage support, we launched as the first company focused on the ecological nature of the microbiome. Led by Eric Shaff, our President and Chief Executive Officer, our experienced management team possesses core capabilities in microbiome therapeutics, drug development, commercialization, chemistry, manufacturing and controls, or CMC, public company management and finance. Our management team has extensive experience in microbial ecology, microbiology and live biological products, with over 25 years of experience studying the microbiome and over 60 published papers on the science of the microbiome. Additionally, our team has extensive experience in building out commercial capabilities in specialty diseases and has a track record for success in the commercialization of vaccine products, which have analogous manufacturing processes to that of Ecobiotic microbiome therapeutics.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to remain the leading biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing microbiome therapeutics to address significant unmet medical needs. We intend to focus in the near term on the highest priority clinical programs which we believe will optimally advance our pipeline: SER-287 for UC; SER-109 for recurrent CDI; and the SER-401 immuno-oncology program. We also intend to continue to strengthen our next generation of rationally designed, fermented microbiome therapeutic approach with SER-301 for UC being our lead candidate. The critical components of our strategy include:

Advancing our Programs


Continuing clinical development of SER-287 for the treatment of UC. The clinical development of SER-287 to treat UC is supported by both clinical and preclinical studies in multiple animal models of colitis that provide evidence that SER-287 administration may result in reduced inflammation.  Published clinical reports suggest that modulation of the microbiome through repetitive FMT may lead to meaningful clinical response in certain UC patients. In December 2015, we initiated a Phase 1b clinical trial evaluating SER‐287 in patients with mild‐to‐moderate UC who were failing current therapies. In October 2017, we announced positive topline results from our Phase 1b clinical trial of SER-287 in patients with UC. The SER-287 Phase 1b study, a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, multiple-dose, induction study enrolled patients with active mild-to-moderate UC, with Total Modified Mayo scores of 4 to 10. The study enrolled 58 patients at 20 sites across the United States. Study subjects exhibited pre-study disease activity despite use of current therapies in a majority of subjects, which included 5-amino-salacylic acid, low dose corticosteroids, or immunomodulatory therapy. Based on the encouraging data from the Phase 1b trial, in December 2018, we initiated our Phase 2b trial, ECO-RESET, evaluating SER-287 in patients with active mild-to-moderate UC. Based on feedback obtained from the FDA on the SER-287 Phase 2b study design, the study could serve as one of two required pivotal trials supporting potential future registration of SER-287. The Phase 2b study is a three-arm placebo-controlled trial of approximately 200 patients with active mild-to-moderate UC. Two groups of patients will receive different doses of SER-287, both following pretreatment with a short course of oral vancomycin. A third study arm will receive placebo. The study’s primary endpoint will evaluate clinical remission measured after 10 weeks of SER-287 administration. Endoscopic improvement will be measured as a secondary efficacy measure.  SER-287 has been awarded Orphan Drug Designation designation for pediatric UC.


Advancing the development of our lead product candidate, SER-109, for the prevention of further recurrences of CDI in patients with recurrent CDI. SER-109 has been granted both Orphan Drug and Breakthrough Therapy designation by the FDA for the treatment of CDI. Breakthrough Therapy designation provides for intensive guidance from the FDA in an effort to expedite the drug development process. In our randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2 clinical study, 44% of subjects (26 of 59) who received SER-109 experienced a recurrence at the 8-week endpoint compared to 53% of subjects (16 of 30) who received placebo, a result that was not statistically significant. Based on a detailed analysis of clinical, microbiome and CMC factors that may have contributed to the outcome of this study, as well as our earlier Phase 1b/2 clinical study and following discussions with the FDA, a new SER-109 clinical study in approximately 320 patients with multiply recurrent CDI was initiated in June 2017. Study participants are being randomized 1:1 between SER-109 and placebo and receiving a total dose that is approximately 10-fold higher than in the Phase 2 study, administered over three consecutive days.


Developing SER-401 for use with CPIs in patients with solid tumors. We are developing SER-401 for administration in combination with CPI treatment to increase efficacy in patients with solid tumors.  The design is being driven by insights from our collaborators at MD Anderson and recent published data in a number of high-profile scientific journals from other international research groups that suggest that the microbiome may impact patients’ response to CPI treatment.  


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